5 Ways to Find a New Job

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You’ve got a winning résumé on hand and you’re ready to land your dream job. Perhaps you’ve uploaded and posted your résumé on job board sites like Monster & Career Builder as well as social media sites like LinkedIn. However, you’re just not getting enough hits and the possibility of landing a new job seems to be moving farther away. Don’t give up yet.

Besides posting your résumé online, which of course in today’s technology driven society, is a must, there are other techniques to gain traction and get your résumé in the hands of the right employer.

Here are 5 simple (and fun!) techniques you can use to search for, find and hopefully land the career you’re looking for.

  1. Create a Professional Development Map: If you don’t know what type of career you’re looking for, then you don’t know where to go and find it. A Professional Development Map is an excellent tool to outline and hone in on what you want from your career. It covers everything from salary expectations and scheduling to your professional strengths and your retirement plans. It identifies your long-term goals and even provides you with a professional personality assessment to identify how you operate and thrive.  A good Professional Development Map will point you in a prosperous direction towards the career of your dreams.
  2. Make a social media announcement: Uploading your résumé online isn’t enough. You need to tell people that you’re seeking employment and ask them to help you. Think about it, if you have 500 friends on Facebook and 300 followers on Twitter, you would be telling 800 people that you’re looking for a career. If you get just a 10% response rate, that means 80 people are helping you find a job! Make sure you use the promotional tools that each site offers to get your post seen by more people. For example, hash tag (#) some of your words in Twitter and tag people in your posts on Facebook.
  3. Have your tools at your fingertips: Use a cloud storage system such as Dropbox to upload your résumé and retrieve it on the go. When you use Dropbox, you can create a public link (hyperlink), which can be shared in the signature of your personal email, in a text message, in a social media post or on your own website. Also, by storing your résumé in a cloud storage system, you can use a mobile or web app to edit, retrieve and share it. If you run across someone who has a job opportunity, you can access your résumé and immediately share it with them from your cell phone, tablet or a public computer.
  4. B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Brand : A part of the job-searching process is building a personal brand. Take a weekend to build a simple and brief website that promotes your personal brand. It should have no more than 5 pages: Home, About Me, My Résumé, My Portfolio or Blog (if applicable) and Testimonies (have friends, family members and professional colleagues provide a brief testimony which speaks to your professional abilities). The website can be free if you use hosts such as Wix, WordPress or any blogging website.
  5. Get from behind the computer. Go have some fun!: Finding a career can be more about WHO you know than what you know. Get out and be social. Find groups or events to attend where you can network with professionals and allow them to get to know you. Skip job fairs and seminars. Have some fun and go to happy hours, specialty parties, workshops and classes. Use websites like Living Social and Meetup.com to find cooking classes, painting parties, sporting events and small group activities to get personal with people and tell them about your career goals. This gives you an opportunity to make stronger connections, add another trait, hobby or skill to your résumé and have a little fun while you’re at it. Just remember, this is a part of your career search. You want to be viewed as mature and professional so don’t let loose too much.

For more tips or to create your Professional Development Map, Social Media Bio Sketch or Personal Branding website, please contact me at sbh@imshannon.com or by visiting www.imshannon.com/order. Do you have other advice? Share it! I’d love to hear your feedback.