I own and operate ImShannon.com, where I’ve written for and consulted with clients across the world to help them conquer their content and monetize their messages. I’ve also created my own product line of workbooks & planners that teach people about the power of writing and how to become better business owners.

My services


Laser Coaching: You’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out things on your own and now you just feel frustrated, stuck and tired. Before you give up on your project or your business, try my Laser Coaching program. This intensive 4-session program gives you front row access to my consultative approach to business and writing. I’ll pinpoint your problem and create smart and strategic solutions that give you the results you want. There are only 5 slots available per month. Click here to take the survey and see if you’re ready for this program.

Publishing:  You’re ready to become a published writer…even if you don’t have a complete manuscript. My publishing services include ghost-written content (optional), editing, brand development, title marketing, book printing/binding and drop/ship services (all books will be delivered to your door for you to sell in any manner you choose). ImShannon will be your imprint, but you’ll have rights to your manuscript and book distribution. This service puts you in control of your dreams to become an author. To learn more about this service, please send an email to order@imshannon.com.

Content Consulting: If you have pre-written content that you want to be critiqued, consider my content consulting service. This service provides a review of your content for style, structure, messaging and conversion (if you want your words to lead to a pay day). You’ll receive a detailed report on how you can improve your content, as well as inline markups (yes, using red ink) to show where your content could be corrected or strengthened. If you’d prefer to have you content custom written by me, please inquire about the availability of my ghostwriting services. They’re on a limited basis.  You may request my availability for your order by clicking here.