10 Professional Tips the Superbowl Can Teach You


10. Meeting big goals is about making big sacrifices. Cut people, switch your strategy and change your approach when you need to.

9. There’s a lot of money to be made out here if you have a product, event or brand that people want.

8. Winning is everything. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be so many people earning money by trying to do it OR so many people spending money to see it done.

7. Great teams or groups are led by strong, unwavering, committed people. If you don’t want to be on a great team, find a weak or doubting leader.

6. Creating a lot of strategic and solid plans can determine whether or not your effort to accomplish a goal is successful.

5. You have to work on your individual talent every day, regardless of how you feel, what you’ve accomplished or how you’ve been defeated. You won’t improve unless you commit to this.

4. Even when it looks like you’re either ahead of the pack or falling short of a goal, situations change very quickly. Be prepared for it.

3. A bunch of people rooting you on sounds the same as a bunch of people hoping you fail—it’s noisy and distracting. Focus on what you came to do.

2. Every effort you make ends in one of two ways: winning or losing. Sometimes the outcome is based on how well you performed, how smart your strategy was or who your competition was. Other times, it’s based on fate.

1. Approach the goal with a fierce determination to win. If all else fails, make sure you are well-dressed, humble and ready to fight again in the end.

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